Winning Stories
Winning Stories

Win24 member, Hellen, has written to us, telling us about her amazing winning streak. While she is a Win24 member, she is also a self-confessed “pro comper”, and her commitment to the cause has certainly paid off! Read her fantastic story below and get inspired!

“I have been comping for 5 years now, and have not bought a Christmas or birthday present since. Last year my daughter received Italian leather handbags, and a few other bits and pieces that I had won - the bags alone were worth $500 each.

“Up to now I have won more than 500 competitions, and am still winning. I’ve won everything from undies, sunglass, bags, shoe, drills, to a 5 year’s supply of wine (twice!). I’ve also won jigsaw puzzles, toys, games, electrical goods, the list goes on. I’ve even had a stint on A Current Affair about my wins, and at the moment I’m waiting on a pasta maker, a batch of coconut water, another cook book (which will be number 12!) and lots of DVDs. The list keeps on going.

"As well as giving away my winnings as presents, I also donate books and DVDs to my local library when I’m done with them.

"I'd like to say good luck to everyone who is comping, and just remember, what you enter today may not be drawn for months down the track, so don’t give up hope!"

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 08:18

Win24 on A Current Affair!

You may have seen our head honcho Mark, appering on A Current Affair, talking about Win24's unique serivce, that enters people into at least 70 competitions each and every month. If you missed it, don't fear, because you can catch it right here. 

Thursday, 09 January 2014 05:33

Prize haul for Win24 members

We love to keep you up to date with all the Win24 members who have been lucky, so here's a selection of our most recent winners from the last few weeks. From Robo Vacuum cleaners to cinema tickets, one thing's for sure, the world of comping is full of surprises! Remember, if you're lucky enough to win a prize, then make sure you tell us about it and we'll share the news here on our blog, or on our Facebook page.

Robo Vacuum Cleaner

In the last few weeks, Peter S let us know about his latest win - a Robo Vacuum Cleaner! That will make cleaning the house easier, that's for sure.

Hairy Maclary

Helen Y and Ian L have written to us to let us know about their latest wins - a Hairy Maclary gift pack each. Well done guys.

National Geographic

Congratulations to John R, Sian C, Mary Y, Lorna R, Stacey T and Serena V - all of you were lucky enough to win the National Geographic's Megafactories: The Ultimate Showroom Collection DVD Box Set, which is valued at $54.99. Happy viewing!

Frozen Movie Packs

Dane, Sahar, Debi, Karen, Margaret, Virginia, Christine and Elaine have all won a Disney prize pack for the new movie "Frozen" plus a season movie pass each. Well done guys

Cash cash cash!

And last but not least, we've had some cash winners; Tom P, Laurent G and Andrew M have all taken home $500 between them.

Well done everyone!

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Tuesday, 05 November 2013 08:01

The best competitions in the world

Here at Win24, we love to hear about the prizes you've won, whether it's a $100 shopping voucher, or a holiday of a lifetime. But for a bit of inspiration, we thought it would be fun to look at some of the most-famous, and biggest winners around the world.

The best job in the world (AUS)

We'll start with something local, Tourism Queensland's Best Job in the World competition. In 2009, the tourist board promoted the Great Barrier Reef as a global tourism destination with a website encouraging people worldwide to apply for The Best Job In The World, to be a "Caretaker of the Islands" to "house-sit" the islands of the Great Barrier Reef for half a year, based on Hamilton Island. More than 35,000 applications were received from over 200 countries, including one chosen by an on-line vote... boooo!.

Finalists came from all over the world and following extensive interviews, Ben Southall, 34, a charity fundraiser and ostrich-rider from Petersfield, Hampshire, UK, was appointed as the new caretaker of the island on 6 May 2009

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (UK)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a famous British television quiz show, with versions now in place across the world. It's even been featured in the movies with Slumdog Millionaire. As the name suggests, it offers a maximum cash prize of one million pounds for correctly answering successive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. Judith Keppel was the first million pound winner ($1.6m) on the show in 2001, exactly a year after the first episode was broadcast. Meanwhile, John Carpenter became the first winner of the U.S. version of the show as well as the first winner worldwide.

The $941 million lottery win

We all dream of winning the lottery, but at best it's a few dollars. Not so for Gloria McKenzie of Zephyrhills who holds the world record for any lottery prize, at a staggering $370.9 million in the Powerball game on 18th May, 2013. Wow! Do you think she bought a round after that?

Prolific comper

Perhaps not quite as impressive as the others, but worth a mention for her total dedication to the world of comping, Kim Searle from the UK has won £100,000 worth of prizes since 198. The 50-year-old bookseller has won so many competitions that she has accumulated £100,000 worth of prizes - thanks to her fail-safe tactic of entering 100 competitions a day. She has netted so much that she and her husband Dave, 50, recently had to sell their cottage in Powys, Wales, to move to a bigger property with a garage for storing items such as their brand new giant fridge-freezer.

Image credit: Nikkimm via Creative Commons.

Friday, 04 October 2013 00:05

Win24 member scoops $4,499 prize with CES

We're very excited to announce another big Win24 winner. W. Hall has scooped a Series 8 55" 2013 Samsung Smart TV valued at $4,499 RRP, in conjunction with CES. That's a nice piece of Kit! Well done W.

Photo credit Ambro via

A massive win for David H, who has won the Balvenie Ultimate Tasting Competition in conjunction with liquor store, Dan Murphys.

David receives the major prize of return airfares to Melbourne, accommodation and two seats at the Ultimate Balvenie Tasting Experience Dinner valued at $6,100.

Wow! David - make sure you let us know how you get on!

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Thursday, 22 August 2013 02:15

Win24 member wins $5,000 holiday

A massive win by Nicole C... a $5,000 travel voucher from one of Sydney's leading travel agents, Wentworth Travel. Nicole gets to spend it on a trip or holiday of her choice. Wow. Make sure you send us some photos Nicole!

Image credit foto76 via

Incredible news for one of our members, Karen S, who has let us know about her latest win - an all-expenses holiday to Spain with three of her closest friends. Wow, and she's only been a member for three months! She's be sharing some of her photos with us right here.

Remember, with Win24 we enter you into a minimum of 70 competitions each and every month. Patience is key, and as Karen's story shows, sometimes you can get lucky and win a fantastic prize right away.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 04:04

May's online competitions

Here at Win24, each and every month we enter our members into at least 70 top Australian competitions, worth at least $200,000. That means you have at least 840 chances to win each year. Just imagine how long it would take you to enter all those yourself!

In May, we entered our members into the following:

  • Nine cash competitions worth a combined prize pot of $4,500
  • 19 holiday competitions worth a combined value of $53,826
  • 610 electrical competitions worth a combined $33,149
  • 761 other types of competition, worth $121,063

Wow, that's some prize pool!

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Monday, 25 February 2013 05:34

A happy Win24 competition winner

We've had a lovely letter from our latest winner, Bronwyn, who won an amazing $4,999 carbon fibre bike (we're very jealous). She says:

"I wanted to let you know that we collected our Giant TCR Advanced yesterday from the Gold Coast. Thank you very much for all your work and follow up. A huge big thank you to Win 24 and Bike Exchange for such an awesome prize. I have already been recommending Win 24 to all my friends and will definitely be renewing my membership next year".

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